Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to School Deal That Made My Day

I went back to work in my classroom for the first time yesterday. Teachers don't officially go back to work until August 8, but I always go back earlier to get my room ready. It was a million degrees in my room. We have a very old building so we have window ac units. Thankfully, mine worked after being shut off all summer but it never really things cooled down very much. Surely I sweated off some weight rearranging everything?!

After attending an inservice this morning and getting out over an hour early {Woot, woot :) but shhh!!}, I headed to my local teacher supply store to look for some of the goodies I blogged about in my last post. I got my dots on black cursive alphabet and some cutesy bulletin board borders as well as some math charts as I've never taught upper grade math before and have almost nothing for it yet.

After that, I stopped by Office Depot to use my reward certificate that I had received in the mail last week. {It had been burning a hole in my pocket.} I already had my eye on a cute owl bulletin board set so I picked that up, but also came across those adorable colorful drawer organizers. I have been wanting one for.ever. Well, it just so happened to be on sale for $39.95. Plus, I had a coupon for $10 off my total purchase. So all in all, I got the organizer cart, bulletin board set, and 25 pocket folders for my students for only $30 after using my coupon and rewards certificate. I was pretty excited to say the least!
Can't wait to take my new supplies to my classroom tomorrow. And I will have some help tomorrow too! My sweet momma is coming to help do my bulletin boards for me. God bless her! She's the best.

PS - On a totally non-teacher related side note, I love Everybody Loves Raymond. My wonderful hubby bought me the the entire series set of dvds one year for my birthday. I frequently pop one in while working on school stuff which is what I've been doing this evening. That family seriously cracks me up.


  1. Love it! Our teachers don't go back until the 17th, but some of us have already started getting our rooms ready! I've only been out to drop things off, but hope to start arranging tomorrow! Be sure to take pictures!!

    PS- I love that show! I watch re-runs on TBS every day :)


  2. WOW!! what a great deal on the cart. I bought mine on the internet from Joann's and I thought I made a good deal at $40. How do you plan to use your cart?

    I also teach in an old building with window AC. It has been fine working in the room...but a sweat box of you leave.


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  3. That is a GREAT deal! I have 2 of these carts in my room and love them. I use one for keeping copies and lesson plans for the week by subject and the other holds all my guided reading and small group materials.



  4. I read your bio and was hooked! I just graduated in July '11 with my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri. I completed a Fellowship in second grade (during my first year of teaching). Now, I'll be teaching 5th grade! I can't wait to keep up with your blog. My blog is messjofu.blogspot.com

    Jordon :)

  5. I love those drawers! I have 2 sets and I got them on sale at Shopko! :) Lovin' your blog!

  6. You seem awesome! And as for the drawers, I have heard to not put too much in them before. I have admired the look of those drawers for years!

    By the way, I am a fourth grade teacher, too, and just joined Blogspot! My profile is love4thgrade.blogspot.com. I am now a follower of your blog!

    (also of teachingvision.org)

  7. I have a double set of those same drawers that we purchased from www.schoolspecialtystore.com or www.schoolspecialty.com (can't remember) for $69.95. My teamie and I use ours for graphic organizer and Mt. LA/Mt. Math copies...wonderful!! :)

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