Friday, July 15, 2011

And the list keeps growing...

As the first week of school gets closer, my to-do list keeps growing. I'm really not required to be back to work until August 8, BUT I plan to go back before that to work in my room.
  • Finish two more grad school classes before I start setting up my classroom.
  • Create an informational "Welcome to 4th grade" brochure.
  • Design a Smartboard presentation to go with said brochure that I can use during the parent meeting on students' first day.
  • Set up and rearrange my classroom. Let's just say everything had to be moved or put away for summer cleaning so it's quite a mess in there!
  • Decorate my classroom.
  • Print labels for student workbooks once I know who will be in my class.
  • Decorate my bulletin boards. I want a new set for the beginning of the year so I plan to buy the cute owl set below for the board outside my door and use the caption "4th grade is sure to be a HOOT!"
  • Oh, and figure out what in the world I'll be teaching that first week with students!
It's a little overwhelming, but oddly enough I'm getting excited about jumping into it even though the summer is not over. Now, if only I can get past these yucky grad school classes. What's on your back to school list??

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