Monday, March 7, 2011

Wish List

Don't get me most teachers, I spend a ton plenty of my own money throughout the year on classroom stuff. However, our school received our classroom allowance money this week so I have $100 to spend - like soon {plus a little fundraiser money left from something else}. Yay! I've gone over several possibilities on which to spend this money and am trying to narrow it down.

1. Lakeshore Learning All Purpose Teacher's Organizer - I can only imagine how wonderful this would make life and planning/organizing each week!
2. chapter books from series that my kiddos will not put down right now including The Magic Tree House, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, etc. I already have several of these books and want to fill in gaps in my classroom library because my students can't get enough of them! Love it!

Fresh scent Clorox wipes are my favorite! 
 3. practical items we are currently running low on like tissues and Clorox wipes - not as much fun, but necessary so it will probably come first
         4. some goodies from our local teacher supply store -
        I can ALWAYS find something in there I "need" for my classroom!

5. Ok, the next one is not even a real contender, but I'm seriously dreaming of this! {Too bad $100 doesn't come close to covering it.} I've taught with them in my previous jobs before I came to my current school and they are such amazing interactive tools that keep students engaged!

Would love to have a SMARTboard!

Most schools in our system have them, but then again most schools are also Title I schools and receive additional funding that can provide these. We, unfortunately, are very borderline-ish when it comes to meeting Title I guidelines and miss it by just a little which means we do not receive this funding. Sigh. It would mean hiring aides which could make a huge difference for our struggling students. I've been working on raising funds for a SMARTboard, though, so hopefully more to come on that later. :)

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